Truk Lagoon Dive Center at the Truk Stop Hotel

We loved diving with you guys. Very safe professional and easy going. We really like the extended safety stops. It was also great to have such small and personable dive groups.
Michael and Marie, Australia and France – April 2013

Hope our Aussie humour wasn't too much for you! Anyway a big thank you to all the staff at Trukstop Hotel. I will definitely be back next year.
I received excellent service from every staff member I came in contact with from the front desk through to the dive shop. Hopefully things won't change too much before my next visit.
Ashley, Australia – March 2013

We all had the trip of a lifetime - made so by you and the Truk Lagoon Dive Center - and Nuwa as a world class guide.
You made it all so easy and effortless - which is what old crusts like us lot need - a bit of looking after! The set up was great, kitting up area, all cylinders correctly mixed and waiting for us each day and it was great to have a boat to ourselves
Rod, Scotland – March 2013

I have had a great time staying in Truk especially diving with you. The way you (Cindy) manage the diving and the way Nuwa guided us I liked it very much (professional and relaxed)!
Ronald, Netherlands – Feb 2013

Felt very special with Cindy, Rob, Brian taking care of us in our diving, and Bill coming to say hi to us so often. It was a privilege to hear Bill's experiences.
Laurie, US – January 2013

The boat crews are all very helpful and knowledgeable. Cindy and Rob really know what they are doing and our experience was our best ever.
Pat and Vince, Canada – January 2013

Thanks again for all the hospitality during our stay. We both had a great time, and look forward to coming back. Tell Wilden thanks again for everything. He really made our dives enjoyable and fun.
Sam and Grant, US – December 2012

We really enjoyed diving with you and Werner is pretty sure that this was not our last trip to Chuuk. We wish you all the best. Whenever you have customers in doubt if Chuuk is worth the trip I am very happy to help them make a decision
Carola and Werner, Germany – December 2012

Many thanks for a good visit at the dive center. It was some awesome diving and I definitely want to go back
Kim, Denmark – November 2012

Thanks again for a fantastic few days diving. I had a great time in Yap and Palau but Truk was def the highlight!
Helen, UK – October 2012

Thanks to all the TLDC team, you all made our diving experience at Truk Lagoon very relaxing, enjoyable and memorable.
Stephen and Sue Briggs, Australia – October 2012

I had a wonderful time with you both and will certainly be back to visit again within the year if I can manage it!
Iain, Philippines – September 2012

It was the best diving holiday I have ever had. Thanks.
Bruce, Australia – August 2012

Thanks for great time diving!! Truk exceeded my high expectations. I left a review on trip advisor for you all. Hope to dive with y'all again sometime.
Darrin, US – July 2012

Diving with both Cindy and Rob was a pleasure. Their support was great. I loved the idea I learned some new things. Any time I can learn or improve I consider my encounter a success.
Mike, US – July 2012

I've been back just over a week and feel like my time in FSM was almost a dream! Thank you for being a wonderful dive instructor. I had such a great time learning with you. I'd also like to thank Wilden for being such an awesome dive guide! I am totally hooked-- I love diving
Amanda, Canada – June 2012

We so enjoyed out trip!!! Do not have any doubt about that!! The dives and guidance you and Rob provided were perfect!!!
Lisa and Richard, US - May 2012

Had a great time at the Truk Stop. The diving was great and the Dive masters and guides had a excellent local knowledge. I thought that their focus on diver safety was excellent and that I learned a great deal from that.
Phil, New Zealand - May 2012

We had an excellent stay. The three of us, with our different experience levels, enjoyed all the dives and found the shark dive a great diversion!
Jeff, Jennifer and Aedan, Thailand – April 2012

Very satisfied with the service at the diving center and the quality of the guiding on the wrecks by Cindy and Nuwa. Kennet and Nuwa also did a great job finding the wrecks
Andreas, Sweden – April 2012

Thank you for everything. I had a fabulous time and can’t believe I’m back home without access to the water, or the wrecks! You folks are fabulous! Great diving, great company, can’t say enough good things.
Robert, Canada – March 2012

Many thanks to you and your team, we had such an enjoyable and rested stay at the hotel! :) This is really an awesome island and the world best for wrecks! Keep up your good work (and all your staff too!), and may your hospitality touches the hearts of other visitors too!
Chris and Jess, Singapore – February 2012

Thanks a lot to both of you for making my diving in Chuuk Lagoon memorable. And of course, especially thanks to Rob for teaching me a lot about diving, and showing me a lot of great stuff on the wrecks.
I would love to come back some day to explore more!
Marius, Norway – January 2012

Very professional local staff and dive masters
Had a great vacation there thanks to all the service of the staff. Will recommend it to everyone and will return one day.
Harue, Japan - December 2011

I really enjoyed my stay with you guys and will recommend it to the people around me. As I have already mentioned to you, you will already have my parents come diving with your guys pretty soon. They have watched the movie (the wrecks of Truk Lagoon) and are really excited about going!
Alex, Belgium - December 2011

I had a great time, got in some fantastic and memorable dives.
Chris, USA - November 2011

Just a short note to express how much I enjoyed my Truk Lagoon experience. You are running a good organization. I was impressed with the uniformly good customer skills your staff exhibited throughout our stay. I know that doesn’t happen without some effort and leadership.
David, USA - October 2011

Its not often a holiday meets ones expectations, but this one really did. From the hotel, its staff and all the hard working dive staff, all our needs were met with a smiling face and friendly service. The only problem I have with the Truk Stop Hotel is the massive, 8,500 miles distance separating it from my home; otherwise I would be there every weekend!!!
Andy, UK – September 2011

We had a fabulous stay at the Truk Stop Hotel. The dive center rocks and Cindy and Rob are awesome. They are both so knowledgeable about the wrecks and the history of Chuuk, Truk Lagoon and Operation Hailstone. We really enjoyed diving with them and just chatting about their experiences. Add a few Brits to the mix and there was much hilarity to be had. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful and our stay was truly memorable.
Craig and Beth, Japan – September 2011

We were really impressed with your operation.  The orientation was the most substantial I've ever been given.  It showed the big picture of the Lagoon and its significance in history.  It also was very clear about what to do and expect the next day.  The diving was amazing.  A real effort was made to show a wide variety of sites, plus you took time to do side trips to see dolphins, etc.  I also really appreciated your technical skills and willingness to share that information.  You guys just seemed engaged in our experience.  Overall, we had the best time of our trip at Chuuk, despite its reputation.  Thanks for all your professionalism and patience.
Chris and Sheila, US – August 2011

Absolutely wonderful!! We were completely spoiled. Rob, Cindy, and the dive center guys made our trip!!!!!! So glad that you are CCR friendly and that you actually stock helium and sofnolime.
Phyllis, US – July 2011

I wanted to thank you for making the whole trip to Truk such a fun one and a great experience which I am sure will be impossible to surpass.
Paul, Philippines – July 2011

This is a first rate organization for your diving needs. Both Cindy and Rob are real professionals and know their business. The locals working directly under them are also first rate. I would like to mention two individuals you will want helping you: Nuwa and Wildon.
Richard, UK – July  - 2011

Fantastic experience and very relaxing at the Truk Stop. Diving organization was brilliant and the guiding really enabled the best of the wrecks to be brought out. We absolutely loved it.
Kevin and Jennifer, Australia – June 2011

Thank you so much for a wonderful time diving with you. Gwen and I did so much that we have never done before with you - and throughout felt safe and well looked after. I shall never forget my swim with the dolphins. I have never done so much decompressions diving - a new block of experience for me. I have never been so far inside wrecks before. I have never seen so many ships with such interesting features. So thanks again for taking us on these journeys.
John, Singapore – June 2011

It was wonderful to have your help and reassuring that you answered the emails promptly.  So nice to get to dive the day we arrived, thanks to you getting us in the hotel before the rebreather gang!  The dive staff was wonderful!  Greet Wilden and Nuwa for us.
Joan and Susan, US – May 2011

Cindy - Many thanks to you, Rob and the rest of your team for making our dive trip an incredible experience!!  I continue to talk about our trip telling all my fellow divers in the clinic that they need to go...and dive with you. 
I have been diving on and off for 30 yrs...and I place Truk in my top 3 dive experiences.  As for any recommendations/suggestions...diving wise I wouldn't change a thing.
Peter, Guam - April 2011

Rob's instruction is the very best. I've NEVER had a better instructor and if the opportunity presented itself, I'd go out of my way to take additional courses from him.
Marsha and her staff (restaurant) are the best, exceptionally friendly and very helpful.
Will and Wendy, US – April 2011

Have to say that although this was the 4th time I have been to Truk Lagoon this was by far the best trip. Dived wrecks I had not seen before and went to places on wrecks I had not been to on previous trips. You and your dive guides and deck hands did a great job on making our dives safe, enjoyable and informative.
Kevin, Australia – March 2011

One of the best holidays/dives ever. Will I return? Can’t wait, planning the return trip one month after leaving.
Jon and Michele, UK – Feb 2011

We really, really enjoyed diving with you.  In fact I was in absolute seventh heaven.  We will most definitely be back soon.
Mike and Makoto, Philippines – Jan 2011


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