Truk Lagoon Dive Center at the Truk Stop Hotel

Dive-Center-patio Dive-Gear-on-Dock tank_lineup

The Truk Lagoon Dive Center was established in 2002 and is conveniently located on the grounds of the Truk Stop Hotel. While the recreational diver makes up the majority of our dive guests, we have the instructors and all the equipment necessary to take care of the technical diver as well.

Truk Lagoon Dive Center boatTruk Lagoon Dive Center boatWe have three dive boats that are all covered to protect our guests from the sun and powered by twin outboard engines for better safety. All our boats carry communications, oxygen, emergency first aid kits, plus fresh water for our diving guests. When necessary or required, a hang off bar is available for dive safety when safety stops are or might be required.

Truk Stop Hotel pierOur dive lockers, rinse tanks, outside shower, and staging area is located at the end of our private dock making the whole process of gearing up and washing down quick and easy - especially with our staff right there to help.

We have two Bauer Compressors that keep our banks full and ready to go plus a Haskell pump to provide any mix of Nitrox requested for our recreational and technical divers. In addition we have 13 & 19 cu. ft. rebreather cylinders, doubles with convertible valves, and a variety of smaller sling, deco, and hang tanks for our divers who require these.

Our normal dive package caters to the recreational diver and includes a 2 tank morning dive which departs from our private dock at 8:30am each day and returns about 12:30pm. We offer additional dives, up to 4 per day, which can include any combination of extra wreck, night, shark, or reef dives.

Those wishing to do technical diving should contact us to ensure availability of boats and other resources specifically required for your special needs.